Committed to being responsible corporate citizens, Hoskins Contracting have partnered with Parkerville Children and Youth Care, dedicating time & financial resources to give back to the Community by supporting its most vulnerable.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care is a local not for profit organisation in western Australia that specialises in providing early intervention and therapeutic services to those effected by childhood abuse. Since 1903 Parkerville Children and Youth Care has provided services to protect and care for the most vulnerable children and youth in our Community through the provision of a therapeutic environment that utilises a range of professional services. Their core business remains their response to the ‘at risk child’. Many of these children and youth have suffered chronic histories of multiple abuse and display a range of trauma-related behaviours.

In addition to out of home care for children and youth, Parkerville Children and Youth Care also offers valuable outreach services and programmes to the wider Community for children, youth and families in need. Their services are designed to be outcome focused for the children and youth for whom they provide care with an emphasis on individualised care plans to meet the needs of each and every child or young person; striving to make a positive difference to the lives of all children and youth who come into their care.

Team Volunteering Day

We recently completed a company-wide volunteering day at the Parkerville campus. As part of the education and employment training programme implemented by Parkerville, we worked alongside vulnerable 14-16 year olds. The programme is registered with the Department of Education and Training, receiving referrals from the Department of Child Protection and Family Support or from the Department of Justice as a method of early intervention. Each participant is placed on to the programme for six months, receiving a wage for their work while gaining life skills, work ethic and team working skills.