Building owners Hawaiian have committed to their long-term tenant, Hilton Hotels, through a significant building refurbishment and upgrade to the 1960’s building in Perth’s CBD. As an integral part of these works, the Adelphi grill has undergone a significant refurbishment that refreshes the main restaurant in line with the main hotels refurbishments and has resulted in it being reborn as Samuels on mill.

Features of this project included:

working within the original footprint of the restaurant. The main bar was realigned and rebuilt with all new services. All timber floors were refinished and stained, along with the installation of new entry glazing as well as significantly increasing the size of the external windows to provide greater interaction with Mill Street. 

Upgrades to the kitchen included all new serveries and counters, and the new restaurant lay out included detailed banquet seating to complete and compliment the new interiors.

Construction of new bulkheads incorporating significant mechanical upgrades as well as the installation of new acoustic ceilings to address previous sound reverberation issues.


Hawaiian / Hilton Hotels

Project Designer

Services Consultant

COX Architecture