Murdoch University Network & Gaming Laboratories

Murdoch University Network & Gaming Laboratories
April 5, 2019 dux_KRPvoIPkav

Client: Murdoch University
Project Manager: NS Projects
Designer: Geyer

Our first project at the university, we were engaged to refurbish and fit out a heritage building on campus at south street. Existing chemical laboratories within a heavily occupied building were repurposed and reconfigured within heritage guidelines to ensure compliance but maintain the integrity whilst allowing for installation of highly complex equipment to allow for world class teaching and research.

Features of this project include:

– Existing, scientific laboratories were to be reconfigured and repurposed to create modern teaching and learning facilities within a heavily occupied building. Drawing on our extensive laboratory experience as well as working collaboratively with our subcontractors, we provided workarounds to coring through the slab into live research facilities below. This included extensive floor scanning and subsequently chasing electrical cables and floorboxes into the slab rather than penetrate through allowing no disruption to the staff and students below.

– A complex comms room was constructed to host the significant amount of services needed to support the new equipment that was being inputted into the area.

– Rooms were reconfigured whilst preserving the heritage, solid jarrah doors, creating recesses into the altered ceilings to accommodate them. Where new doors had to be created to meet compliance regulations, we engaged a specialist subcontractor to mimic the doors with great success and were approved by the specialist heritage architect who was a consultant on the project.

– A highly designed, multipurpose breakout and seating space with a series of data outlets was created to allow for collaboration as well as private study with mobile screens and pod seating.

– With such old buildings, a significant amount of acoustic treatments in the ceiling spaces and to wall surfaces were required to meet the needs to the teaching and learning.

– Works were completed on time and on budget despite being completed to a highly accelerated programme with long lead items and during the exam period in a building that had several examination areas.