Ministerial & Parliamentary Services Fit Out

Ministerial & Parliamentary Services Fit Out
March 15, 2019 dux_KRPvoIPkav

Client: M&PS
Project Manager: JLL
Designer: ZMHD

In creating the new home and headquarters for the green’s party this fit out of a commercial space within a mixed use building, required detailed programming to ensure the delivery could be met within the accelerated time without impacting operations to the surrounding tenancies that included retail and office space as well as residential apartments above. The end result was also 4 star green star accredited reflecting the values of the new tenants.

Features of this project include:

– Working from a base build shell, new meeting spaces with acoustic wall panels to facilitate confidential meetings within the small office space, open plan work spaces and breakout areas were created to ensure that all aspects of the activities carried out by staff within the new office were accommodated in a secure environment.

– All floor and ceiling finishes were replaced to create zones within the area that could accommodate different activities for staff and visitors.

– A secure reception and entry was also created to ensure security of staff.

– All noisy works were completed out of hours and within Council guidelines to be flexible for all uses of the building.