Curtin B301 Magnetron Laboratory

Curtin B301 Magnetron Laboratory
April 5, 2019 dux_KRPvoIPkav

Client: Curtin University / NS Projects
Designer: Geyer

“The ease of project deliveries given the complexity of various programme stages is a clear tribute to Hoskins Contracting skills, knowledge and professionalism.”
-Janine Elizabeth Slocombe, Infrastructure Planning Manager

Conversion of existing office space to a fully functioning magnetron laboratory. Works included all new services to suit a PC1 laboratory, as well as suitable finishes, fixtures and joinery. All works were carried out within a live operating research and teaching environment, with multi-million dollar equipment that is highly sensitive to vibration and dust. Noisy works and vibration works were highly regulated and regular communication and short term programming was required to ensure no disruptions to long term research and experiments within the building.

Features of this project include:

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