Curtin B301 Acid Laboratory and SHRMP Laboratory

Curtin B301 Acid Laboratory and SHRMP Laboratory
April 5, 2019 dux_KRPvoIPkav

Client: Curtin University / NS Projects
Designer: Geyer

“Feedback included “preferred construction company”, “react to our needs” to “very professional and accommodating”. HC clearly demonstrated adaptability with an excelled ability to work in a complex professional organisation”
-Janine Elizabeth Slocombe

Refurbishment of existing office space and laboratory space into two new laboratories and associated air lock – an acid digest lab, for the use of perchloric acid in a safe manner, and a SHRMP lab. New exhaust and services to the existing office space are required to run through three floors of the building in order to penetrate the roof and plant room. This requires major coordination with key building users to gain access to several floors of existing office and laboratories to cut penetrations, install services and ductwork, and all make good building works required. The finished acid laboratory is a certified clean room, and can have no exposed metal in the room as this will contaminate the experiments, and the metal will corrode at an extreme rate due to the acids in use.

The laboratory adjacent the work site is extremely sensitive to vibration, and as a result, there is only one night per week that vibration works can be completed while the machine is going through its regular maintenance. In general, all works are within a live operating research and teaching environment. Noisy works and vibration works are highly regulated and regular communication and short term programming is required to ensure no disruptions to long term research and experiments within the building.